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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Seach engines sell their first 3-5 results to the highest bidders. As the owner of a web site. By law, these listings must be labeled as "sponsored". You've probably run across this while browsing your own search engine results.

As a website owner, you're essentially bidding against other sites or businesses for the right to place in one of those slots for certain keywords and search terms like "automotive repair". The bidding reflects how much you're wiling to pay Google for each click or visit to your site, in other words, how much you're willing to Pay-Per-Click.

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The benefits are simple, you can define your budget with no minimum and no contract. You set your own bidding prices for keywords and then you analyze your returns. Google and Yahoo offer terrific tools, reports, and analytics to help you manage your pay-per-click campaigns.

  • Guaranteed first page listings
  • No minimums, No Contracts, YOU define your monthly budget.
  • Select ANY search terms you prefer
  • Limit ads to geographic region(s).
  • Low investment for high returns.
  • Fraudulent click protection.

Delray Beach Pay Per Click Services

Fully Managed PPC
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Let us handle everything. For a small monthly fee and your budget of choice, we'll set up your PPC campaigns across Google, Yahoo, and/or Facebook. Then we'll get to work tweaking things each week to help you achieve your maximum return.

Kula PPC Coaching
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We set it up, you knock 'em down. For a small up-front fee, we'll get your ad campaigns started and help you for the first 30 or 60 days. Then it's up to you.

Let us develop a personalized internet marketing strategy and boost your online presence.
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